Real Eyes Gallery is excited to present Henry Klein’s second show in the gallery. Uber Waves : Other Locations is Klein’s further exploration of the wave form that he’s been working on for the past seventeen years. All the works are visions run through Klein’s inner wave filter. Some pieces are an homage to art historically important artists, some are household objects and some are pop culture ephemera. Predominantly working with commercially made material Klein transforms the objects to imply a less solid state dissolving into the wave form. The ready made materials reflect a sense of irony, humor, and ambiguity: Duchamp once noted " was always the idea that came first, not the visual example,”. Klein’s is a conceptually based art. He is currently excited by two contemporary artists, John Hamon the French street artist and post-conceptual artist Corey Archangel. Klein said ”I relate to Archangel because of the hacking aspect and Hamon because everything is a substrate for my piece. I like the grit or “artifacts.” John Hamon in an interview in March 2018 in QGdesArtistes said : “I would like to get out of this overflow of interpretation, to give back the control to the artist. When Duchamp explains that it is the viewer who makes the painting, he takes away the artist’s authorship, which I symbolically try to give back to him. By reducing the fields of interpretation, by leaving less freedom, we almost use advertising methods, but this makes it possible to reposition the artist as a questioner.” John Hamon in an interview in March 2018 in QGdesArtistes continued: “A work necessarily speaks of an artist and his vision of the world. … I think that following the minimalists we have become accustomed to getting to the essence of the message, and that is why I represent myself as simply as possible.” Klein also relates to Corey Archangels statement “I think about my work as paintings, because they refer to the history of painting. I also have to think about them as sculptures, because every part of the process is part of the project. They’re sculptures because they play on the idea of what should be in a gallery. In that sense they’re also a kind of ready-mades.” In Klein’s work the material objects determine the frequency of the wave length. The work reminds the viewer that no matter how mundane the object, we live in a world of vibrating waves.